Albany Dental Care

20% off for dental plan patients

Detailed written estimates provided prior to treatment

Fees for 2019

New patient consultation (includes two X-rays) £38
Preventative Care  
Routine examination (six-monthly) £38
Scale and polish with Dentist £40
Hygiene Therapist appointment £40
X-Ray £7
Restorative Treatment  
White fillings (composite resin) £45 (from)
Cosmetic veneers £450
Cosmetic crowns £450
Bridges (per tooth) £450
E-max crowns £475
Root canal therapy  
   Incisor or canine (front tooth) £275
   Premolar (side tooth) £315
   Molar (back tooth) £415
Tooth Whitening Was £350
Professional tooth whitening  Reduced to £250
Full denture (upper or lower) £450 (from)
Partial denture £260 (from)
Other Treatments  
Dental Implants £1250 
Tooth extraction £85 (from)
Sports mouthguard £65 


For an itemised written estimate please book a consultation (only £38)

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